Don't let my cheerful exterior fool you for I write horror stories for a living. Born half a world away, I moved to Australia a decade ago and made it home. Since then, I divide my time between commissions, volunteering for the horror writers community and working part time.


My first memories of childhood are my parents dropping me off at my grandmother's first thing in the morning and picking me up after work. Grandma Montse had never learnt to read but she was a gifted storyteller. Growing up, she told me countless tales passed down through generations. Creepy little stories with morals to keep children from misbehaving, and from sleeping as well. 

Grandma Montse passed away when I was 12 years-old. I watched it all happened from my hiding spot under the living room table as my family set up her death bed in the same room she used to tell me stories. After that nightmares took over, keeping me up at night, and I took up reading and writing to keep the ghouls at bay.

Many things happened since but I still feel her, watching over me. Her weight on the covers, sitting at the feet of my bed and whispering to me. Nightmares continue to haunt me and I am thankful. Because is my turn to share my stories, giving you a glimpse of my dark, unconventional upbringing and passing them down like Gran wanted me to.

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