Part time storyteller, content designer and editor. Part time volunteer for the horror writers community. Find below the path I followed so far both in publishing and supporting my community.


Proofreader and Literary Translator | IFWG Publishing

Australian Shadows Awards Coordinator & Live Ceremony MC at Continuum

Australasian Horror Writers Association

Panelist for 'You Won or You Died', a Game of Thrones themed discussion

Continuum 15 Other Worlds | Melbourne's Speculative Fiction Convention

Panelist for Short Fiction & Horror vs Thriller Debate

KaffeeKlatsch Moderator on Finding Your Tribe

GeyserCon New Zealand’s 40th National Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention


Short Story Commission 'Melbourne Calling' | Cthulhu Deep Down Under Volume 2


Sisters Are Killin' It For Themselves - Female Crime Writers Panel Organiser 

Social Media Liaison and Live Twitter Mastermind

Odyssey Literary Festival

Political Speech Author and Performer - Why Should You Care About Catalonia

Memoria Podcast

Membership Officer | Australasian Horror Writers Association

2017 to 2019

Committee Member | Australasian Horror Writers Association

Contributor Writer | Go Movie Reviews

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