Embracing the darker side of my writing, isolated me like I've never been before.

I became a member of the Australasian Horror Writers Association in late 2016. At the AHWA, I found my tribe. A group of talented individuals providing a space for horror writers to network and support each other.  My first stepping stone was to organise  events for the members in Melbourne, VIC. Not long after, the AHWA committee asked me to join them.

The new committee of the Australasian Horror Writers Association features some important names within the horror industry and I am proud to be part of it. After a couple of years as Membership Officer, I moved on to take on the role of Australian Shadows Awards Coordinator in 2018.

The time I give to the AHWA is nothing compared to the experiences and the relationships I built both in Australia and overseas. My experience has given me a glimpse of where I belong and who I want to become as a creative individual.


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