January 9, 2018


After working my way through a busy Xmas, I am back, settling into university life and everything else that life throws at me. But this time, instead of bouncing back, my body has decided enough is enough.


I started the New Year full of energy and ideas for the future. I spoke on a podcast with the likes of WC Marchese and Mr Deadman. Everything was happening. Until flu happened, taking over my energy, disabling my multitasking skills and leaving me with a hedious combination of head, throat and earache.  Yuk.


Yet in the middle of the 'yukiness', my brain refuses to switch off, finding stories in every alley as I walk empty-minded through the suburbs on my way to class. Does this happen to other writers too or am I going mad? I can't and I won't allow myself to catch a break. Stories keep coming at me and I just have to note them down somewhere, on a servillete, anywhere before the magic escapes me. #writerslife is it?


Whatever disorder I suffer, never fear, I have found a cure. At least for now. A short and sweet holiday to Ballarat, land of writers, art galleries and beautiful Lake Wendouree (see picture above). A place to immerse in my craft, enjoy the silence for three full days and two nights and mingle with some like-minded peers.


What's your favourite writing getaway? How often do you feel like escaping from it all? Which is not the same as asking, how often can you actually allow yourself to do so? Can you switch off? Is it driving you mad too? Why can't I stop asking questions? Arrrgggh!


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