January 17, 2018


Writing is a work in progress. You learn your craft by making mistakes, stumbling on different obstacles along the way. You never stop learning. Such a concept I believe can also be applied to life and, of course, business.


Today I must confess I have been a victim of my enthusiasm and zeal. Again. I am studying an elective at RMIT called Business for Creatives, something very useful if you want to become an entrepreneur. Before the course started I had already come up with a business name, updated my website and so on. I was on track. I was flying.


Yesterday I crashed and burnt. I realised the name for my brainchild (CREATIVA) is taken. No, turning vowels upside down did not make a bloody difference. If I were to trade with such name, there is a miniscule chance that whoever owns the actual name can actually claim the profits of my business.


Now now, not that I have made such a thing yet. Money, I mean. As a creative, I thrive from hopes, dreams and an obssesive amount of hours perfectioning my craft. I don't need cash nor food. I live a worry-free existence. My inspiration falls from the trees in my backyard. 


So I leave you with /kənˈtɛnt/ my new brainchild while I go out the back to pick up some inspiration before I get back to writing.



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