February 21, 2018


A few days ago I shared my fears for the world to see. But it wasn't until I received your overwhelming response that I realised how much I asked of you. Your bravery was outstanding, and for that I applaud you.


Our personal 'kryptonite' ranged from drowning, to small spaces, heights, even roller coasters. All somehow related to the loss of control. But what really touched me were those fears digging even deeper. Those dwelling on our loved ones and our impact on them. Particularly children, watching intently, absorbing every decision you make and becoming who they are in the process. Frightening stuff.


If there is one thing I refrain myself from is vulnerability. Terrifies me to realise how much time I spend on my desk and how that affects my relationship with my partner. Whether I am pushing it too far. For as my craft gets better, the more we grow apart. But if there is something I learnt when I moved so far away from home, is that I cannot control everything. If it's meant to be, it will be.


None of that applies to my writing though. For I surrendered to it a long time ago. Like a shooting star, a bright light guides me into the unknown. A vision, vanishing before my eyes as I start to grasp it. And before I know, an idea becomes a story. A living entity carrying a piece of my soul for others to find on the page. If they look close enough.


What's your take on writing? Do you believe in stories as living entities like I do? Or do you rather Stephen King's approach, how stories are fossils we are yet to discover? I want to read all about it.


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